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We the Filipino people do not want quarrying near Pinagrealan Cave.

Spar has already destroyed caves and landmarks at the site. The landscape is all interconnected. Any day now they could permanently damage Pinagrealan Cave and it will be too late!

We demand that:

  • Spar Development Co immediately cease all mining activities.
  • All money belonging to Spar Development Co, its owner and managers must be frozen.
  • The owners and managers of Spar Development Co should be prosecuted under the Caves Act for the destruction of other caves at the site and damage to Pinagrealan Cave.
  • The area must be re-forested at the expense of Spar Development Co and its managers.
  • Reparation must be made to the original landowners and the people of the Barangay.
  • Any overdue taxes must be paid.
  • Any unexplained wealth must be confiscated.

We do not want wealthy politicians to steal our history and resources. We demand that our history and culture is protected.

You are a few wealthy people, but we are many!

We are Filipinos and we are strong!

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