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Mining activities and their associated explosions can dislodge stalagmites and stalactites in caves.

Stalagmites are important to caves because they provide shelter to cave-dwelling animals like bats. Together with stalactites, they fuse to form a column or pillar that helps support the roof of the cave. Should either stalagmites or stalactites dislodge then the cave itself may be damaged or potentially even collapse.

Air particulates have also dispersed from the crushing of limestone at Spar Development Co. These particulates have covered the walls and floors Pinagrealan Cave, creating a type of environmental impact that is difficult to restore and with unknown effects on cave fauna.

Section 7 of Republic Act 9072, or the National Caves and Cave Resources Management Act, prohibits the destroying, disturbing, defacing, marring, altering, removing, or harming the speleogem or speleothem of any cave or altering the free movement of any animal or plant life into or out of any cave.

Anyone found guilty of violating Sec. 7 of RA 9072 shall be punished by up to eight years of imprisonment and a maximum fine of Php1,000,000.

We must not allow mining near Pinagrealan Cave. Wealthy people should be treated the same as everyone else. Spar Development Co must stop mining activities near Pinagrealan Cave in Barangay Bigte, Bulacan.

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