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Ambrosio dela Cruz (or Ambrosio Cruz) was the great -grandfather of the current owners of the land around Pinagrealan Cave.

Originally a Mason, Ambrosio dela Cruz, became one of the leaders of the Katipunero Revolutionaries, and lived in Norzagaray during the time of Bonifacio.

Amrosio dela Cruz was a Cabeza de Barangay in Poblacion, which is the equivalent to a Barangay Chairman. Unlike today’s practice of obtaining a the position through elections, the role of Cabeza de Barancay could only be awarded to people who came from the families of the former Datu

Amrosio dela Cruz came from a wealthy family of mixed Chinese and Spanish. Despite his wealthy lifestyle, he was aware of the suffering of the local people under the Spanish and did not want to be oppressed by foreign rulers. He joined first with the Masonic Organization, and finally, when he thought that the Filipinos must not only achieve reform but also independence, he became one of the leaders of the Katipunan in the town of Garay (Norzagaray).

By inviting Bonifacio to Pinagrealan Cave, Amrosio dela Cruz put himself in harms way. People came to the caves from towns in Cavite, Batangas, Iloilo, and others. Like him, they were also Cabesa. The land at Pinagrealan Cave was used as a secret meeting place for the revolutionaries.

As the camp at Pinagrealan Cave grew in size, skirmishes with the Spanish took place, both inside and outside of the cave. It is said that the Katipunero was never defeated against the Spanish soldiers while in residence at Pinagrealan Cave.

Save Pinagrealan Cave. Stop the quarrying operations of Spar Development Company and Rosemarie Capa Rose Capa Barangay Bigte

We cannot allow rich and powerful people to destroy the environment for their own benefit.

Our history is too important!

Save Pinagrealan Cave!

Filipino people must come first, before money, politics, and power!

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